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You will find automated guided vehicles for the automation of your intralogistics at MOBILE ROBOTS by DAHL Robotics, your integrator for autonomous mobile robots.
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Automation that serves people must be planned with a sense of proportion, integrated with experience, as well as easy to use and reliable in operation. Tap the full potential of autonomous intralogistics with the manufacturer-independent No. 1 integrator for automated guided vehicle systems. At MOBILE ROBOTS, we take care of it.

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MOBILE ROBOTS Installation
Comprehensive commissioning - for the perfect start into your intralogistics automation

After detailed consultation and decision on the most suitable automated guided vehicle system (AGV) for your tasks, system integration with MOBILE ROBOTS takes place.

Together, we create a project plan for the installation phase of your autonomous mobile robot (AMR) or fleet and, if desired, carry out the entire commissioning for you. In the process, we place the required stations, connect the AGV to your WLAN, set up the control system, plan routes, map the working environment, link your company software (WMS / ERP) or external devices, if provided, and set up the fleet management if required.

The MOBILE ROBOTS team thereby lays the foundation to fully automate your internal transportation process.

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Individual training - tailored to your employees and your autonomous mobile robots

Next to the instruction in the equipment technology and intuitive user interfaces of your automated guided vehicle system, you have the opportunity to learn how to use your autonomous mobile robot efficiently after initial installation in detailed practical training sessions. Regardless of whether you use the AGV as a stand-alone solution for your intralogistics tasks or as part of an autonomous AMR fleet - we will be happy to conduct the appropriate training for your employees.

We will first discuss the theory of your automated guided vehicle system before you can practice what you have learned with your robot. Depending on the scope of the project and the depth of integration of the AMR in your company, the previous knowledge and experience of your employees and their intensity of use of the AGV, we offer you an individually tailored training program as a basic package or for experts/key users.

The following training contents can be components of your training:


• Software Installation

• Operation & Instruction

• Mapping & Route creation

• Monitoring & Analysis

• Troubleshooting

• Adding groups, devices, stations & areas

• Communication with external devices

• Integration of multiple AMR in one project

• API Scripts.

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Sophisticated, globally networked and quickly on site when you need us

As an integrator for automated guided vehicle systems (AGVs), we are also the first point of contact for all service-related questions concerning your autonomous mobile robot.

As part of the United Robotics Group and strategically partnered with companies of the internationally active HAHN Group, the MOBILE ROBOTS team by DAHL Robotics not only has access to several locations and local service partners in Germany, Benelux, France and Switzerland. We furthermore always have the right service offer for your transport robots used in other foreign branches with our large network of trained and certified AMR specialists. Since the most important thing is to limit the downtime of your AGV in the event of a technical emergency, we can thereby ensure not only a qualified but also a fast on-site service intervention.

In addition, the modular design of all our devices allows us to rectify any malfunctions in your automated guided vehicle system mostly by replacing the defective module - at short notice and without interrupting your business process.

In addition, we offer preventive service support and maintenance for your AMR. Wear components can be replaced in good time based on the use or utilization of the automated guided vehicle system and the individual load in the direct working environment. Talk to us about an appropriate agreement.

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ake an appointment now to plan your autonomous intralogistics with mR MOBILE ROBOTS and let us talk about a customized integration of
Automated Guided Vehicle systems (AGV) / Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR)
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