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Autonomous Mobile Robots for industry & healthcare:
The compact Automated Guided Vehicle systems from Mobile Industrial Robots

With the automated guided vehicle systems from Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR), we at MOBILE ROBOTS offer you an equally efficient and user-friendly system of autonomous mobile robots - whether for the automation of your industry intralogistics industry or healthcare facilities, such as hospitals. By reducing manual transport of small to medium-heavy loads, employee resources can be used more wisely to increase operational effectiveness. The intelligent small AMR MiR100 for payloads up to 100 kg and MiR250 for a maximum weight load of 250 kg can be used as collaborative systems in dynamic environments with humans.

With MOBILE ROBOTS, your intralogistics will not only become autonomous; above all, it makes them economical, flexible and safe. Just like their "big brothers" for autonomous pallet & heavy-duty transport, the compact mobile transport platforms from Mobile Industrial Robots operate wirelessly and without an external navigation system or conversions on your premises. Using 3D camera technology from RealSense, SICK safety laser scanners and ultrasonic/proximity sensors, the AMRs register the driving area, avoid stationary or moving obstacles and come to a stop in time before people.

Individualize the MiR100 and MiR250 automated guided vehicles with freely designable and interchangeable superstructures and adapt the AMR precisely to its intended use. Depending on your needs, you can use special add-on modules such as containers, shelves, lifting devices, conveyor belts or collaborative robot arms from the extensive MiRGo accessories program on the platform's convertible loading area.

Thanks to an exceptionally user-friendly software, programming the automated guided vehicle system is a breeze - even without prior knowledge. The MiR robots are operated via a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet or conveniently from a PC via WLAN. Once programming is complete at the intuitive, web-based user interface, you can conveniently monitor the missions of your AMR and easily adjust them at any time with a few simple steps. The exact position of the autonomous mobile robots can be tracked permanently via a virtual map of the working environment. This gives you complete control at all times.

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At MOBILE ROBOTS, we automate your intralogistics - even for smaller loads

Mobile Industrial Robots quickly generate returns on your investment; often the payback period is less than one year. For economical operation and low-cost maintenance, the MiR fleet has been factory-equipped with first-class components from SICK, Phoenix Contact and Schneider Electric. Maintenance-intensive components that need occasional replacement during longer service life, such as on-board batteries, the motor and wheels, can be included in an extended optional service and maintenance contract.

Thanks to the compact, fully automatic MiR Charge charging station, your mobile robot will never run out of power in the middle of a task. If the AMR's battery charge level drops below a predefined value, the automated guided vehicle system automatically returns to the charging station to refuel between missions. In just two hours, the MiR Charge, which runs on normal power outlets, fully charges the autonomous mobile robot.

MiR Fleet management enables you to efficiently control multiple mobile robots in your operation with a single intuitive web-based user interface. This allows you to easily assign missions to an entire AMR fleet with different attachment modules or trailers, while always maintaining an overview. Once programmed, MiR Fleet automatically prioritizes and selects the autonomous mobile robot best suited for the task at hand, depending on location and availability. At the same time, the system evaluates the battery charge levels and charge weight of each MiR, optimizing the charging and operation of your automated guided vehicle system. Your MiR fleet thus remains active around the clock

It has never been easier to flexibly automate internal transports of small to medium-heavy loads in your company and to reorganize your intralogistics process more efficiently than with the automated guided vehicle systems from Mobile Industrial Robots. Talk to us at MOBILE ROBOTS as MiR system integrator about customized options for your company.


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Features, Facts & Benefits MiR100 | MiR250

Features, Facts & Benefits


• Suitable for most environments
Navigability in highly dynamic settings,
   confined spaces, over ramps, in elevators
   as well as through doors & gates

Collaborative & safe 

• Safe collaboration with humans
• Avoidance of static & moving obstacles
• Meets relevant safety standards


• No operational modifications required
No infrastructure required for equipment

 Easy adaptation of AMR setup due to process

Individual solutions with MiR add-on modules

Easy to operate

• Easy setup & fast deployment
• Complete software included, no additional
   IT infrastructure required
• User-oriented, simple programming
• Real-time monitoring of missions with PC,
   tablet or smartphone via web interface

System integrable

• Can be integrated into your ERP / WMS


• Simple, central configuration of an AMR fleet
• Harmonized AMR coordination for efficient
   transport flow
Fast integration of additional AMR via MiR Fleet

Economical & efficient

• Higher productivity through optimization of
   internal goods & material transports as well as
   reduced burden on employees (increased
   personnel flexibility)

Selection of the shortest route, if necessary
   automatic alternative route calculation
• Multiple stations possible during 1 mission
Bottleneck avoidance in intralogistic
   material flow
Average amortization: annual period

Techn. Datenüberblick MiR100 | MiR250

Basic Technical Data MiR Models *

• Max. payloads: 100 resp. 250 kg (gross)
• Temperature operating environment:
   5° C up to 40° C
• Operating environment humidity: 10 - 95%

• Power supply: Li-NMC, 24V, 40Ah resp. 
   48V, 36Ah (Lithium-ion accumulator)

• Battery runtime: 10 - 13 hrs.,
   depending on load conditions
• Battery charging time: 
   approx. 70 - 120 min. (0 - 80%)
   - automatic charging with MiR Charge

• Safety: CE Marking
• Safety system: 
   SICK safety laser scanner (360° field of view) /
   2x 3D camera with Intel RealSense /
   ultrasonic / proximity sensors /
   acoustic & visual signaling

• WIFI communication

* correspond to manufacturer's specifications;
   subject to change & errors excepted.
   For model-specific differences, see Mobile
   Industrial Robots type comparison below.

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Headline MiR100 | MiR250 Modell-Akkordeon

Mobile Industrial Robots MiR100 | MiR250 Type Comparison *

* Correspond to manufacturer's specifications; subject to change & errors excepted.

Bild MiR100 Akkordeon

Name MiR100 Akkordeon


Daten MiR100 Akkordeon

Application & Cargo

Autonomous mobile robot for small transport tasks in production, logistics & healthcare; suitable for collaborative use with humans in (highly) dynamic environments (indoor) 

Loading area for individual setup:
890 x 580 mm (LxW)

Protection class: IP20


Max. load capacity:
100 kg (at max. 5% incline)

Max. tensile load
for trailer module MiR Hook 100:
300 kg (at max. 1% incline)


Dimensions & Empty Weight

890 x 580 x 352 mm (LxWxH)

Ground clearance: 50 mm

70 kg

Max. Speed

Forwards: 5.4 km/h (1.5 m/s)

Backwards: 1.0 km/h (0.3 m/s)

Travel Path, Track Width & Floor

Minimum corridor width: 1,000 mm

Surmountable tolerance gaps & thresholds:
20 mm

Small water puddles can be passed through.

Position Accuracy & Turning Radius

+/- 50 mm to postion
+/- 10 mm to docking mark

Turning: 520 mm (around robot center)

Turning diameter at obstacle/wall
with normal space requirement:
1,300 mm

Turning diameter at obstacle/wall
with minimized space requirement:
1,200 mm (no load) / 1,100 mm (full load)

Power Supply, Charging & Range

Accumulator: Li-NMC, 24V, 40Ah

Charging time (cable):
approx. 4.5 hrs. (0 - 80%: 3 hrs.)
Charging time (station):
approx. 3 hrs. (0 - 80%: 2 hrs.)

Input voltage: 100 - 230V ac, 50 - 60 Hz

Output voltage: 24V, max. 15A

Range: 10 hrs. or 20 km,
depending on load conditions

Certifications & Approvals

Certified for clean rooms

Safety standards:
CE, EN1525, ANSI B56.5, ISO13849-1, EN61000-6-2 & EN61.000-6-4


SICK safety laser scanner S300
(front/rear) for optical 360° protection

3D camera Intel RealSense for detection of
objects in the travel path 50 - 1,800 mm above the floor

4x ultrasonic sensors

Acoustic & visual signaling


WIFI dual band, wireless, AC/G/N/B

Input/Output: USB & Ethernet

Bluetooth 4.0 LE, Range: 10 - 20 m

Bild MiR250 Akkordeon

Name MiR250 Akkordeon


Daten MiR250 Akkordeon

Application & Cargo

Autonomous mobile robot for internal transport & logistics tasks; suitable for collaborative use with humans in (highly) dynamic environments (indoor). 

Loading area for individual setup:
800 x 580 mm (LxW)

Protection class: IP21


Max. load capacity:
250 kg

Dimensions & Empty Weight

800 x 580 x 300 mm (LxWxH)

Ground clearance: 25 - 28 mm

83 kg

Max. Speed

7.2 km/h (2.0 m/s)

Travel Path, Track Width & Floor

Minimum width straight aisle
with MiR Shelf Carrier 250: 1,400 mm

Minimum door width: 800 mm

Surmountable tolerance gaps & thresholds:
20 mm

Small water puddles can be passed through.

Position Accuracy & Turning Radius

With VL markings position robot center:
+/- 5 mm (angle +/- 1°)

Turning diameter at obstacle/wall:
1,700 mm

Power Supply, Charging & Range

Accumulator: Li-NMC, 48V, 36Ah

Charging time (station):
approx. 60 min. (0 - 80%)

Charging time (station):
approx. 70 min. (10 - 90%)

Range: 13 hours (without payload: 17.4 hrs.),
depending on load conditions

Certifications & Approvals

Optionally ESD certified

Safety Standards:
CE, EN1525, ANSI B56.5, EN12895,
EN61000-6-2 & EN61000-6-4


SICK safety laser scanner
(front/rear) for optical 360° protection

2x 3D camera Intel RealSense D435 for detection of objects in the travel path up to a height of 1,800 mm at a distance of 1,200 mm, 114° horizontal view 

8x proximity sensors

Acoustic & visual signaling


WIFI Connection:
Router: 2,4 GHz 802.11 g/n, 5 GHz 802.11 a/n/ac
Internal computer: 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac

4 digital inputs,
4 digital outputs (GPIO),
1 Ethernet port,
1 connector for external emergency stop button

Bild MiR Family gross

Headline MiR Family

MiR Family

Text MiR Family gross

Keeping it in the family ...

Do you already know our pallet transport platforms with payloads up to 1.35 to? MiR600 and MiR1350 from the Mobile Industrial Robots model family perfectly round off our AMR portfolio in the field of autonomous pallet transporters!

Learn more

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Optional Equipment & Accessories for Mobile Industrial Robots MiR100 | MiR250

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Typical Sectors & Industries for the Use of Mobile Industrial Robots MiR 100 | MiR250

• Disinfection

• Automotive

• Logistics

• Electronics 

• Consumer Goods 

• Hospital

• Medical Technology

Chemistry / Pharmaceuticals

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Make an appointment now to plan your autonomous intralogistics with MOBILE ROBOTS and let us talk about a customized integration of the
small-load AMR MiR100 or MiR250 in your company.

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