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mR MOBILE ROBOTS automates your intralogistics. We break new ground for you and revolutionize your production periphery. Through the targeted integration of our autonomous transport robots, we optimize the flow of goods & materials for your production process and thus increase the productivity of your employees.

Set new standards for resource-saving, contactless and safe transport processes in your company now. Automate your internal transport of goods, materials and equipment. With individually tailored solutions and intralogistics concepts from mR MOBILE ROBOTS!

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Mobile Robots for your autonomous flow of goods & materials

Nowadays, efficient and user-friendly autonomous mobile robots (AMR) are an important component in the automation of customized tasks in production and intralogistics. For this purpose, process-integrated, freely navigating automated guided vehicle systems replace permanently installed conveyor technology to optimize your production processes.

We firmly believe that your employees have more important things to do than worry about internal goods transport and material flow. By eliminating manual transportation, we can help make your staff available for more meaningful and economical use. By reducing unnecessary inter-departmental contacts and minimizing the risk of accidents in smooth internal traffic, we simultaneously contribute to minimizing health risks in your company in the long term.

The flexible collaborative platforms of mR MOBILE ROBOTS are effective at all stages of the production process. To this end, we match the conceptually most suitable automated guided vehicle systems with fleet management to the requirements on site by networking them with your IT systems (ERP, WMS, MES). In this way, we automate tedious and time-consuming transport tasks and create a substantial basis for expanding your operational effectiveness and significantly increasing productivity.

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Intralogistics 4.0 - clever solutions with the suitable AMR

As the largest manufacturer-independent integrator of automated guided vehicle systems in central Europe, the mR MOBILE ROBOTS team supplies highly efficient as well as user-friendly mobile robots for the automation of customer-specific intralogistics tasks in industry, trade and the healthcare sector. Based on years of experience, we have special solutions for the autonomous transport of Euro or industrial pallets, the transport of SLC containers as well as individual superstructures for the transport of small parts.

In addition to rapid commissioning, which does not require any changes to your existing infrastructure and familiar workstation arrangements, we use innovative sensor and camera technology to ensure the full safety of the mobile robots in their interaction with your employees. On-board scanners, ultrasound and WIFI enable the wireless and safe use of our automated guided vehicle systems without external aids. As collaborative platforms in dynamic environments, the autonomously maneuverable transport robots avoid stationary and moving obstacles, reliably come to a stop in front of people and always reach their destination on time.

Get your company’s intralogistics future-ready now. Talk to us about the use of autonomous mobile robot platforms and automate your internal transport!

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