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You will find automated guided vehicles for the automation of your intralogistics at MOBILE ROBOTS by DAHL Robotics, your integrator for autonomous mobile robots.
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When it comes to autonomous transports of in some instances high volumes in dynamic environments with interaction between humans and robots, safety is paramount. The use of intelligent automated guided vehicle systems with collaborating mobile robots should not only increase your operational efficiency, but explicitly increase occupational safety and reduce operational accident risks. 

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Safety through non-contact interaction

Ever since the Covid 19 pandemic, we are aware that the avoidance of an accumulation of unnecessary physical contacts between humans is an essential building block for a hygienic safety & protection concept. In this context, the use of automated guided vehicle systems in your intralogistics will make a significant contribution to protecting the health of your employees in the fight against viruses and other microorganisms - especially in times of pandemic crisis or generally during natural seasonal waves of infection - while at the same time avoiding staff absences.

Within and across departments, an intelligently controlled automated guided vehicle system with a fleet of autonomous mobile robots can organize your internal goods transport and material flow in a fully automated way, making typical human contact points obsolete. For example, your employees will no longer have to move to other departments or company divisions during their daily work for intralogistics reasons.


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Safety through collaboration

Due to their comprehensive systemic safety devices, collaborating robots (cobots) are capable of working alongside as well as in direct interaction with humans, unseparated by protective fences or comparable structural equipment. This collaborative principle also applies to the automated guided vehicle systems that the MOBILE ROBOTS team installs at your site.

In order to comply with the strictest legal standards, which serve to protect your employees, the autonomous mobile robots (AMR) we integrate are equipped with high-quality, absolutely reliable safety components from premium manufacturers selected according to strict safety standards. Their equipment includes, for example, laser scanners, 3D camera technology, and ultrasonic and proximity sensors. The combined safety system enables reliable autonomous device navigation based on virtually generated 360° safety zones around the robot. This allows the devices to adapt to the environment at variable speeds, brake in good time and always safely avoid static or dynamic obstacles detected at an early stage. These control systems are supplemented by mechanical safety precautions such as rotating emergency stop bumpers and manual emergency stop switches, as well as clear acoustic and visual signals to announce the arrival of the AMR to the environment.

Thanks to the intelligent system control and the described safety features that enable human-robot collaboration, the use of automated guided vehicle systems significantly reduces the overall operational risk of accidents. The collaborative AMR represents a safe alternative to conventional forklifts and manned industrial trucks, which many companies would prefer to ban from their halls due to known safety risks.

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Relevant safety norms and applied safety standards for automated guided vehicle systems

As an integrator for automated guided vehicle systems (AGVs), we are also the first point of contact for all safety-related questions concerning your autonomous mobile robot. Our technical sales department provides information on comprehensive risk assessments of the safety-relevant components in the AGV we integrate by the respective manufacturer as well as the relevant systemic safety guidelines, in detail:

• CE Marking

• TÜV Certifications

• Machinery Directive 2006/42/EG

• EMC Directive 2014/30/EU.

In addition, we provide information on the European safety standards and norms applied by the manufacturer in each case for the design and manufacture of the robots, e.g. for the safety of machines and industrial trucks. 

For more in-depth reading, please consider the Guidelines for AGV Safety for AGV Planner by the VDI Society for Production & Logistics, Expert Committee on Automated Guided Vehicles. The guide (available for download in the "Forum AGV") describes in detail the relevant safety-related topics at the current state of the art.

Our Cooperation Partner for Robot Safety:


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