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AGV for autonomous pallet transport: Nipper AGV V4 (max. 1.2 to)
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One of the most compact fork AGVs for internal pallet transport:
Nipper AGV V4 - the perfect solution for your structured intralogistics

As the No. 1 integrator for driverless transport systems, we at mR MOBILE ROBOTS have now added the new compact and agile Nipper AGV V4 to our portfolio. By autonomously transporting pallets weighing up to 1,200 kg, the AGV helps to significantly reduce your operating expenses. The Nipper, currently one of the most compact autonomously guided robots that picks up pallets with its forks directly from the floor, does not require any modifications to your physical infrastructure. As a reference for orientation and navigation, the AGV V4 quickly and easily uses mapped structures and contours in its working environment; the integration of complex inductive guidance systems or magnets is therefore completely unnecessary. Based on a route instructed one time, the transport robot will reliably find the way during its future unmanned operations for internal pallet transport.

Installations such as fixed lifting or transfer stations in your production or warehouse are not intended for the use of the maneuverable forklift AGV. Like a lift truck, the Nipper moves its forks under the Euro pallet in order to lift it up from the floor for transport up to a maximum lifting height of 238 mm. With its sensors, the autonomous pallet transporter positions itself precisely and can even correct its alignment by a compensating lateral movement at a 90° angle to the longitudinal axis in front of a targeted spot. The omnidirectional drive responsible for this enables the fork AGV to make fluid and extremely space-saving moves and increases its operational flexibility enormously thanks to its agile driving manoeuvres. This ensures reliable automation of your intralogistics in structured, AGV-compatible environments.


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Autonomous intralogistics 4.0 for maximum efficiency, flexibility & safety

The reliable precision that the AGV covers its distances with at a maximum speed of 5.4 km/h (1.5 m/s) also applies to maneuvering, shunting and precise placement of the goods. For maximum exact positioning, the AGV achieves an accuracy of +/- 1 cm and +/- 1° through its integrated industrial encoders and laser scanners.

Since intralogistics is naturally a dynamic process in everyday business, the Nipper AGV V4 detects obstacles by means of its advanced safety features and comes to a stop in front of them in time. For this purpose, the flexibly deployable transport robot meets high safety standards. Equipped with a comprehensive 360° safety system consisting of laser scanners with integrated safety zones, BlueSpot, emergency stop bumpers at ground level and emergency stop switches, the automated guided vehicle system works collaboratively in environments where people are active. Supplemented by clear visual and acoustic signalling, the AGV actively promotes the prevention of accidents and damage at work.

After commissioning and training by your certified Nipper integrator mR MOBILE ROBOTS, you will be able to program your AGV completely independently and freely. Set up your desired routes with pick-up/drop-off points and parking zones for the transport robot. Modify existing commands and adapt changes to your intralogistics easily with the intuitive user interface. As Nipper partner, we provide you with free updates or point out their availability from the manufacturer. WIFI is all you need. Intelligent software communicates with the AGV V4 via the wireless network. After your commands have been accepted, the autonomous pallet transporter executes them independently. By means of a compact end device of your choice, you can identify its respective position at the site as well as track the current mission status. The integrated battery management system ensures efficient energy supply and short charging times; the charging process starts automatically at the right time. This applies to individual vehicles as well as to an entire fleet of system-integrated Nipper AGV V4.

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The Nipper AGV V4 for autonomous pallet transports up to 1.2 tons payload is an important component for your autonomous intralogistics. For use in the German-speaking industry you will find the Nipper AGV V4 in the distribution of the No. 1 integrator for driverless transport systems: mR MOBILE ROBOTS.

Features, Facts & Benefits Nipper

Features, Facts & Benefits


• Agile forked AGV for load transport up to 1.2 to

Collaborative & safe 

• Autonomous transport in structured setups
• Interdepartmental contactless intralogistics


• Fluent moves thanks to omni-directional drive
No operational conversions required
No transfer/lift stations required
 No equipment navigation infrastructure required
• Automatic loading between missions

Easy to operate

• User-oriented, simple programming
• Intuitive 7-inch multi-touch screen & visual signals
• Real-time insight into missions via your end devices

System integrable

• Can be integrated into your ERP / WMS


Coordinated combination of multiple vehicles

Techn. Datenüberblick Nipper

Technical Specifications *

• Max. load capacity: 1,200 kg (gross)
• Dimensions (LxWxH): 1,767 x 814 x 2,035 mm
• Deadweight: 330 kg
• Position accuracy: +/- 10 mm
• Stroke: 150 mm (88 - 238 mm height)
• Speed: max. 5.4 km/h (1.5 m/s)
• Drive: 4-fold omni-directional
• Charging time: 15 min. (20-80%) - fully automatic
• Safety: CE Marking
• Safety system: 360° (Performance Level d)
Safety laser scanner
   - Emergency stop bumpers at floor level
Emergency stop switch
   - BlueSpot

   - Acoustic & visual signaling 

• Communication: WIFI
• Optional: Barcode recognition (camera)

* correspond to manufacturer's specifications;
   subject to change & errors excepted.

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Compatible with the Nipper AGV V4: The AGV-connected Cobot Palletizing with MobilePalletizing by mR MOBILE ROBOTS.
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Typical Sectors & Industries
for the Use of the Nipper AGV V4


• Automotive

• Mechanical Engineering

• Logistics

• Electronics

• Cosmetics


• Medical Technology

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Make an appointment now to plan your autonomous intralogistics with mR MOBILE ROBOTS and let us talk about a customized integration of the forklift robot Nipper AGV V4 into your production.

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